Mystic Artemis Rabbitry

Rabbit breeder of Arcadia/Ironton area of Missouri.


The only quality of rabbit that I'll say are breeding or pet. They may do well in shows but they aren't pedigreed.

Males are $10 to $15. They will cost on the higher end if they are proven/have produced.

Females are $16 to $20. Normal price is $16, price is higher if they have had litters.

If gender isn't known or it's 8 weeks of age then it's $15.

Meat rabbits will be sold live and are priced depending on the rabbit and who is selling them.


We also sale farm fresh eggs for $2.00 a dozen. Pick up only on the eggs, no delivery unless it is into Arcadia/Ironton. 

Delivery Fees

Mostly it will be pick up only so you can choose the rabbit you want but I'm willing to deliver for an extra fee.

Delivery to Arcadia, Ironton, Pilot Knob there is a 3 dollar fee or free depending on if we are going in or not. 

Delivery to Fredericktown there is a 10 dollar delivery fee.

Delivery to Farmington there is a 11 dollar delivery fee.

Delivery to Potosi there is a 12 dollar delivery fee.

Anyplace else the delivery fee will depend on how far it is from us, we don't make house deliveries it is strictly to places like Wal-Mart or gas station or easy to find places from the highway/main road.

The delivery fees are due to gas prices being so high. So sometimes the delivery fee is higher than the cost of the rabbit itself.

Note: If there are car problems then no delivery will happen.

Currently For Sale

 We will have mini/holland lop's ready for pick up on June 18th (or at the earliest June 14th). There are a total of 5, one is red/light rust color and four are black. Don't know their genders.

 I have 2 lop mix that are ready to pick up now, one male and one female (siblings). They are $15.

I will have three more lop mixs ready for pick up on June 27 ( or June 20th at the earliest) and they will be $15 and their genders will be a guess.


Price: $12
Gender: Male
Born: April 22ed 2012.
Breed: Holland lop/Mini Rex
Extra: Full grown, small rabbit, proven, breeder only.






Price: $10
Gender: Male
Born: Unknown
Breed: Unknown
Extra: Full grown, small rabbit. Pet or breeder, your choice.







Nest Box Babies

These are the babies who are still in the nest box or are too young to sell. We don't sell any younger than 6 weeks of age. If they are the runts or small for their breed and age then they will be held on to until they are 7 or 8 weeks of age.