Mystic Artemis Rabbitry

Rabbit breeder of Arcadia/Ironton area of Missouri.

About Us

We are a small hobby rabbitry, located in the Arcadia/Ironton area of Missouri. We Currently have pet rabbits, meat rabbits, & FFA and 4-H project rabbits.

The breed of rabbits that we have are Mini Rex mixes, Holland Lop/Mini Rex, Holland Lop/Lop mix, Holland Lop, New Zealand mixed, New Zealand, and Mixed.

None of our rabbits are pedigreed so they don't' come with any papers or anything.

The rabbitry is run by a young woman who does it just because she enjoys working with animals and puts all her time into running it, and her mother who has the experience in raising rabbits and also handles the more business side of things for it.


Find us on facebook at Mystic Artemis Rabbitry.