Mystic Artemis Rabbitry

Rabbit breeder of Arcadia/Ironton area of Missouri.

Welcome to Mystic Artemis Rabbitry!

Mystic Artemis Rabbitry is a small hobby rabbitry located in the Arcadia/Ironton area of Missouri. All the money that is made from selling the rabbits is put back into the rabbitry by buying rabbit food, supplies, cages, and anything else the rabbits require. It is a small set up and we normally only breed in the spring or fall with some late winter breeding.

We Currently have pet rabbits, meat rabbits, & FFA and 4-H project rabbits. We have beautifully colored, healthy  rabbits that may or not be show quality. None of our rabbits are pedigreed.


The breeds we'll have for sell will be:

  • Mini Rex mix
  • Holland Lop/Mini Rex
  • Lop mix
  • Holland Lop/Lop mix
  • Holland Lop
  • New Zealand
  • New Zealand mixed
  • Mixed, from ones of unknown breed


We also sale farm fresh eggs for $2.00 a dozen. Pick up only on the eggs, no delivery unless it is into Arcadia/Ironton. 

Small Animal Swaps Information

I am normally at these small animal swaps, at least if the weather is good and if I have any rabbits for sale.

  • The first Saturday of each month from April to October, I try to go to the small animal swap in Fredericktown, Mo. The time is 6am or 7am to about 9am but some do stay longer unless it's too hot or hay baling season.
  • The second Saturday of each month from April to October, I try to go to the small animal swap at The Feed Store in Pilot Knob, Mo. It is located off of HWY 21 next to McDonalds. The time is from 8am to 12pm.

I will put up the correct information when it is known and becomes available to m, this information is just based on last years swaps.

About the Site

The site is always under construction and being updated. This is mostly noticeable on the For Sale page and Calender which is most busy in the spring and fall when I breed my rabbits.

If you are looking for kept up to date then check out our facebook page here (will open in a new window or tab).

Updated on February 8th, 2014